Ledger Hardware Wallet

How to connect a Ledger Hardware Wallet

The extension version 3.5.0 of NeoLine officially supports Ledger hardware wallet. Through the latest NeoLine extension version.

it allows you:

  • Check your account balance

  • Sign transactions

  • Sign messages

How to connect to my Ledger Hardware Wallet?

Before you begin, make sure that:

  • the most up-to-date extension of NeoLine (V3.5.0)

  • up-to-date Google browser

  • up-to-date Neo Legacy/Neo N3 App on the Ledger

  • other apps connected to Ledger closed, such as Ledger Live

  • the device plugged in via USB NOT bluetooth

  • the Ledger Hardware Wallet unlocked

Now you can start to connect:

  1. Open the NeoLine extension, click the avatar icon to enter.

2.Click [LEDGER], select Neo Legacy/Neo N3 based on your personal needs, then click [Next].

3. Start to import the hardware wallet. If the Ledger device isn't be found, please unlock the device and reconnect. If you have multiple wallet addresses after importing, select the one you want to interact with.

After the import is successful, a small icon of the hardware wallet will appear on the left side of your wallet address, as shown below:

How to remove the connected hardware wallet?

The operation is the same as deleting the address on the wallet Extension. Click the account details next to the corresponding address and select Remove account.

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