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Note: This guide is provided for those who already have NeoLine Chrome plugin wallet. If you haven't installed NeoLine Chrome plugin wallet, it is highly recommended to view the following guides, install and create a Neo Legacy wallet first.

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Step One: Create Neo N3 Wallet

Open your NeoLine Chrome plugin wallet, click on the avatar, select Neo N3 and click Create wallet.

After clicking Create wallet, select Neo N3 on the pop-up Select a Chain page.

Set the wallet name, enter the wallet password and click Create after all required information is set.

Step Two: Back up the Private Key

Once a wallet is created, the first and extremely important thing for you to do is to back up your private key. Please be 100% sure to back up the private key as soon as it is created rather than later.

Please copy the private key on a piece of paper in a clear and case-sensitive manner and keep it in a safe place.

After the private key backup is completed, your Neo N3 wallet can be considered successfully created.

Note: N3 wallet address and Neo Legacy wallet address are completely different:

N3 wallet address begins with letter N, while Neo Legacy wallet address begins with letter A.

Now, your Neo N3 wallet is successfully created!

Note: NeoLine wallet supports multi-address management, which means you can create multiple N3 wallets on NeoLine wallet.

As Neo N3 wallet has been created, you can now migrate your assets following the migration guide below:

pageNeo N3 Migration Guide | NeoLine Chrome Extension

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