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This guide is provided for those who already have NeoLine mobile wallet. If you haven't installed NeoLine mobile wallet, it is highly recommended to view the following guides, install and create one first.

Before creating a Neo N3 wallet, please upgrade your wallet to the latest version: Android v2.16.3,iOS v2.9.6.

Download iOS VersionDownload Android Version

Step One: Create Neo N3 Wallet

Open your NeoLine mobile wallet, click on the three-line button at the upper right corner, select Neo N3 and click Create wallet at the bottom.

Set the wallet name, enter the wallet password (no less than 8 characters) and click Create after all required information is set.

Step Two: Back up the Private Key

Once a wallet is created, it will remind you to back up the private key the first time, in case the asset cannot be retrieved due to the lost private key.

There are two ways to display the private key: String and QR code. You can backup the one you need.

  • String: Please copy it carefully on a piece of paper in a clear manner, distinguish between upper and lower case and keep it in a safe place.

  • QR Code: Saving, taking screenshots or taking pictures on this page are prohibited. It's only for users to directly scan and import the wallet in a secure environment. Please be sure that no one is around when using the camera. Once the QR code is obtained by others, it will cause irretrievable loss of assets.

Note: Please keep the private key properly and do not disclose it to others. Once the private key is lost, it cannot be retrieved. Also, make sure you are in a safety environment and do not connect to any unknown network or view any unknown, illegal or insecure URL link, in order to prevent the theft of wallet information and irretrievable loss of assets.

After completing the final step of private key backup, your Neo N3 wallet is successfully created.

Note: Neo N3 wallet address and Neo Legacy wallet address are completely different:

Neo N3 wallet address begins with letter N, while Neo Legacy wallet address begins with letter A.

For user's convenience, we made a distinction in the color system on NeoLine mobile, where Neo N3 is black and grey.

As Neo N3 wallet has been created, you can now migrate your assets following the migration guide below:

Neo N3 Migration Guide | Mobile

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