Neo N3 Migration Guide | Mobile

I. Pre-Migration

1. Upgrade NeoLine to the latest version

Before migrating Neo N3 assets, be sure to upgrade your NeoLine mobile to the latest version.

2. Create Neo N3 Wallet

Before migration, create a new Neo N3 wallet based on the latest version of the wallet,and back up your private keys securely and correctly. The guide is as follow:

pageNeo N3 Wallet | Mobile

II、Asset Migration

Step One: Find Migration Dapp

Note: Please make sure your wallet is on Neo Legacy before migration.

Open your NeoLine mobile wallet, click Discover at the bottom and find Migration Dapp in the Tools bar.

Make sure you have the latest version of your wallet, and recreate a new Neo N3 wallet before you migrate your assets!

Step Two: Select Migration Asset

On the Migration page, select the asset and the amount you'd like to migrate.

Step Three: Select N3 Wallet

After confirming the assets to be migrated and the quantity, click on Select Address under Addresses (as shown below) or click on the "Address Book" button and select the N3 wallet you want to migrate to from the list of N3 wallets that pops up.

The Neo N3 wallet address here has to be recreated as a new one, please be 100% sure to back up its private key as soon as it is recreated!

Step Four: Check Asset Migration Information

Note: 1 GAS is required as a migration fee when you migrate less than 10 NEO or less than 20 GAS.

Check the asset to be migrated, the amount, the target address, and little reminders carefully. Click Migrate after confirmation and click Confirm after double-checking the migration information.

Step Five:Confirm Asset Migration

Click Confirm and wait for the migration to complete, or go to NeoTube, the blockchain browser, to check the progress of the migration.

NeoTube official website:

Migrating assets will take 3 days to complete, please be patient!

If you are migrating GAS and you are prompted that your balance is insufficient, or the migration is unsuccessful, please go to to merge UTXO first.

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