One Pass Setting for NeoLine Extension Wallet

The NeoLine extension wallet v4.0.0 has a new password setting function, which supports users to create One Pass to manage multiple wallet accounts. This function is only relevant to users previous to v4.0.0. Once the One Pass setting is completed, the set password mode will remain as is.

As a safe, user-friendly, and professional wallet for the Neo ecosystem, NeoLine Wallet has been striving to provide safe, convenient, and comprehensive services for the Neo community. In the latest version of the NeoLine extension wallet, we have optimized the wallet password setting, changing the previous setting of one password per account to one general password (One Pass) for managing all wallet accounts.

This function update is only for older users of the NeoLine extension wallet previous to v4.0.0. If you are a new user of v4.0.0 and have downloaded and used the NeoLine extension wallet for the first time, you are automatically set to One Pass.

How to set One Pass for your wallet:

1. Update wallet to v4.0.0

2. Click “Switch Now” as shown below

Learn more about One Pass function by clicking “learn more”.

3. Mode switching

Before switching password modes, make sure you have safely backed up your wallet!

When switching to One Pass, you need to enter the password corresponding to each wallet account, and the switch will be completed once the passwords match each account.

As shown below:

If you have any questions or feedback while using the wallet, you can contact us via email.

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