Download iOS Version

Step one: download NeoLine wallet

Download from the App Store or the NeoLine website (

Step two: create/import wallet

1. create wallet

If you have not used Neo wallet before, click “create wallet”, enter your wallet name and password, make sure you confirm your password.

2. import wallet

If you have used Neo wallet or NeoLine before, you can directly enter the wallet by importing it. There are three ways to import the wallet. Private key, Encrypted key and NEP6 File.

Usually we choose a Private key to import our wallet, reset the wallet name and password. If you forgot your Private key, it can be restored by the Json file, which is the NEP6 File, requiring your wallet password as well.

Detail: Click “import wallet” -- choose “NEP6 File” -- click “select Nep6 File” , import your saved Json file and your password, you are able to sign into your wallet. If you delete the App , Iphone will delete the file automatically.

Step three: backup your private key

After you create your wallet, it will immediately remind you to backup your private key to avoid private key loss and property damage.

There are two ways to display private keys, string and QR code, backup by your own needs.

String: follow the correct order, capital and lower-case letter, write on a paper and keep in a safe place.

QR code: no saves, no screenshot, no pictures. Make sure no one or cameras are surrounding you when you are using it. Lost QR code may cause irreparable loss of assets.

Do not reveal your private keys information to others, make sure you backup in a safe environment, do not log into unknown, illegal or unsafe websites to avoid your information leakage and irreparable property damage.

Start to use Neoline wallet

Wallet home page: Assets, Collection, GAS, Address, Detail, Address manage, Function bar.

1. Address Manage:

NeoLine wallet supports multiple address management, which means you could have lots of addresses at same time. Click the button at the top right of the wallet. You will go to the switch wallet page, you could switch your wallet here, create or import a new wallet.

Reminder: one password for one wallet. Long press and click “confirm” to delete the wallet you don’t want to use.

2.Wallet Detail:

Click the three points over the right top, you will go to the wallet detail page, you are able to edit wallet name, display private key and export wallet.

After clicking “ export wallet” you will save a Json file under my Iphone - NeoLine-Json file path. The path might be different on different phones, check carefully by your own situation.

3. Asset Management

Click “+” right next to the assets to add currency.

4. General Setting

Click”My” -- “General Settings”, to set up Multi-language, Currency Unit and Face ID.

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